One Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Leo,

“Boom, boom!” That’s what you say when the construction workers are moving things in the lot behind us. There was so much construction happening that I came downstairs to be near mama. I actually started my second part of the nap on the couch and then I moved to your blanket fort. It was darker and cozier with less tap tap tap’s happening in it. I was hoping that I might reach our nap dream sooner if I was in your special fort.

So far, it’s not working too well, but I am comfortable. So there’s that. Now they’re using some kind of automatic hammer that reverberates. It reminds me of when I had my nails trimmed at the vet. THAT was a scary moment in my life, but that noise isn’t doing me any good as far as bringing back the memories. I’m starting to drift off to sleep now that I got my worries out of my head. I love you baby. xoxo,


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“Wheeee! Slide time!”

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