One Hundred and Twelve Paws

Dear Leo,

Today the noise behind our house of rebuilding the human homes continues. You’ve taken to saying, “Boom!” whenever the trucks move around or slam things down. You love to climb up on your tower in the yard and watch the, “Beep beep beep,” happenings behind us. I stick my nose up into the air and get all the smells that I can so that I know what’s happening.

I have tried to teach you how to use your nose to sniff out the details, but you like to watch and use your ears to listen more than your nose. These are entirely appropriate senses, but I fear that you neglect your puppy sniffer all too often. My favorite moments are when you bring things over to share with me so I can sniff them, and then you sniff them and we investigate them together. You pick up on a lot of good doggy traits that I have taught you. I’m glad that you still listen to me when I try to teach you my tricks. You’re my one and only puppy pal that learns all the good stuffs I know about in life! I love you. 



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“Leap buddy!”

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