One Hundred and Four Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Today we played ball outside. Ball, is my favorite word, favorite game, and favorite thing period. We romped about in the rain and had a ball until I bumped my finger. You and mama took me inside and helped me get cleaned up and cuddled the sad feelings away. You always come over to lick me when I’m upset, which, sometimes I appreciate, and other times I don’t always enjoy because then my face or ear is wet and the tears are running down too. It’s just a messy situation, as the big humans say.

Mama said that she writes for you while you take your nap on the couch, well, I’m doing the nap thing in my bed and I like to think that I’m sending these thoughts to you while you dream too. When you were playing with your squirrel log toy this morning, I kept intervening to help save the squirrels and give them kisses. You would stop chewing on it when I said, “Na-ni-na,” and scooped them up. You’d watch me give them a nose kiss and then gently take it back when I wagged the tail in your face. I was very worried about the squirrel toys because no one wants their face nibbled on. Mama helped us practice sharing and so I guessed that was good enough for the time being. 

I love you Kimmy,

xo,  LDB

© 2019-2020 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

“When I hear the button click and take my photo, ears back.”

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