One Hundred and Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi baby boy! Guess what? It’s raining. Insert sigh here <…> We did play outside for a little while this morning and then I took you on a walk! There weren’t any other doggies outside, but we went! Like I said before, rain or shine, we usually go on our walk. I’m really good at navigating our route.

Momma and I opted out of walking along the muddy pathway to cut over to the school and garden. We did walk on that pathway earlier in the week, but I was covered in mud afterwards and had a paw/doggy leg bath. Any type of bath is not my favorite, to be honest. Mama and dada are really gentle when they give me the doggy baths, but I still prefer to be, “au natural,” without doggy soap and shampoo. You helped mama get me towels and share words of encouragement. You even gave me some loves after my bath, but still, I’d take loves without a bath. I hope you have sweet dreams baby. I love you!



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