One Hundred and Three Paws

Dear Baby,

Sometimes we don’t take a walk together and I feel extra sleepy on those days. Like today for instance, we didn’t get to take our usual morning romp outside because you had to head out on an adventure with mama and I felt sad about being left at home. I relaxed and napped, none the less, and I enjoyed myself during the alone time. I was so happy when you came home though, I licked your ears and face to let you know how much I missed you. 

Later we went on a search for the square foam balls upstairs. Yesterday you had a fun time making a car out of the laundry basket and pushing it around me with your ball toys. You would yell, “Ball, ball, Kimmy, Ahhhheeeee,” and then we’d race down the hallway. Half of the time you would chase me and then the other half of the time you would run and push the basket where ever you pleased. You were a super happy baby. I love when you laugh and get super excited to play with me. It’s my favorite sound that you make, besides when you call my name of course. That’s obviously, my first favorite. I love you LDB. Happy nap time!
xo, Kimmy

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“Just attempting to walk here baby!”

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