One Hundred and One Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it is, you guessed it, another rainy one, again. Sigh. It rains so much that my paws get soaked when I got outside and then I don’t want to do anything outside because I’m wet. So I just stand there in the rain and wait to be let back inside.

Sometimes I put my ears back, my nose down, and I look up at you humans from the back door and I try to make myself look as sad as possible. Because, well, I am sad, but I’m also doing what’s called, “Milking it,” because I can! I have learned that if I do all of those things, then I will get to come back inside and be dried off. I like to give really big, shake-shakes, before I get dried off with a towel. Momma and dada don’t appreciate that, but I like to shake and you find it absolutely hilarious. So I shake a little bit more before I stop. Thanks for being my audience today baby. I love you. Night night, or nap nap, whichever you’d like to call it during the daytime sleep. 



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Patiently waiting for any fallen banana from LDB.

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