One Hundred Paws

Dear Leo,

Sometimes this winter weather gets me down. Today is not one of those days though! Last week it was so rainy and glum that I felt a little bit sad and I know it showed in my doggy ears. It’s just a sad day for me if it rain, rain, rains, and my paws are always soggy when we go outside to our favorite place. I don’t want to wear galoshes or booties on my paws, so I deal with the rain, but still, I have feelings you know, and they involve not loving the raininess.

I hope that when the sunshine does come back for a while this spring, it stays and sends the warm currents our way. A part of me is still the Californian puppy dog that basked in the sunshine. However, I don’t want to sound ungrateful about this human family that needed me because, truth be told, I needed them just as much. We helped rescue one another and I still keep y’all on your toes every now and then, to remind you of how important my doggy role is in this family. Especially because we are best paw friends for life LDB. I love you.



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