One Hundred and Two

Dear Leo,

Today it finally isn’t raining. Hallelujah, as the humans say. Sometimes I really get so tired of the rain. It can affect my walks and play time, so obviously that’s something to be upset about as a dog. We went on a walk with mama and we watched for squirrels. We didn’t see any today though. We saw a couple of tiny dogs that could pass as cats, which was fun. I lunged and whined a bit about it to let them know that I’m a small dog too, although, mama and dada say that isn’t the case. I don’t know what they’re talking about though. I’m no bigger than I was when they brought me home. Humans, ha!

A while after our walk mama was putting on her paws and then got your fur and paws ready too. I was quite excited because I thought we were all going on another walk. Whoops, I didn’t go though. I had a little snooze on the couch and came running out to the garage when you and the mama got home. I missed you so I gave you some good sniff licks and then I romped around once you were inside. It’s much better when the whole pack is together. This business with leaving me at home should really stop, I just don’t understand why the big humans do that. I’m totally calm and considerate of four or two legged creatures. I give the best jump greetings and nose boops around! I love you baby!

xo, Kimmy

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Mom leg cuddles and lean in’s.

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