Ninety Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning we were happily playing outside until about the fifth time around the yard, and then I wanted to go inside to have dry paws. Momma put me in the house and then you and momma disappeared! I was so worried that I waited by the front peek-a-boo window and then I saw you two go on a walk without me. I’m not going to lie. I felt betrayed. Morning walks are all of our thing! Clearly the momma was confused about who was supposed to go where. I waited patiently like the good doggy that I am. I decided to wait by the garage door though because it seemed like a good in-between location, just in case I should need to go to the back or front door.

Well, you two arrived back at home, muddy boots and all through the front door. We went on a walk later with the dada when the momma went to go do the, “downward human dog,” thing at her gym, as they say. I was satisfied by the later walk even though all of our humans weren’t in my view. It’s ok to go on a walk every now and then without the four of us altogether, but I prefer that the pack be together. So baby, remember this schedule and tell mama: we do the backyard play, poo-poo detail thing, and then a walk with all of us. Maybe if you know, and I know, then momma will get it right next time! I love you buddy! 



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Play time!

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