Ninety Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

The clouds are moving along quite quickly today. The sky has wavered between gray, bright white, to neon blue. I should know this because I am always laying in what small amounts of sunshine trickle into the windows. I love to watch things happen from the comfort of my heating vent on the floor. Life is pretty good when you’re warm and cozy. I would think that you might concur because you’re nice and cozy in your bed with a blanket too. You know what’s really cozy? Momma and dada’s bed! Haha! I love to lay on the end of it especially on momma’s side. When she had you in her belly, my cat sister Bella and I would curl up next to her to soak up all the puppy vibes and send her happiness through our paws. We needed to be touching her, of course, to make this happen. Sometimes she would be ok with it and other times, not so much. I learned to not be offended if my paw therapy was more than the mere human could handle. Us canine’s have strong healthy vibes to send. Sometimes it’s best to dole those out in smaller doses.



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“What do you see when you look out the window?”

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