Ninety Six Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Today we rode in the car for a really, really long time. I know that I’m a baby toddler, and that time is a rather abstract concept for me, but the car ride was like all morning from wake up to past nap time for me to be in the car. The best part of the drive was, drumroll, the snacks! I love snacks. I got to ride in my new carseat and have my snacks in the cup holder that it has attached to it. I loved it. I would just reach in and magically snack would appear. Ok, ok, I know that momma put the snacks in the cup, BUT, it was pretty cool to reach in and have them there.

We read a lot of books, you tried to sleep a little bit but ended up drooling a lot on the center console and then mama put a towel underneath you because of the drools. I laughed whenever you got snack too because I thought it was pretty funny. Another thing we did was talk about the mountains and the stuff that passed by the windows. I liked that, but I couldn’t see everything super well because my chair leans back so I can be cozy. I love you doggy, thanks for being my best friend. 



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Another day, another rainy play session!

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