Ninety Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

We stayed with the Mimi Aunt the last few days. It started to feel like home when she let me lay on the puffy doggy bed. I liked that a lot. It was so cozy. Mimi Aunt called it the, “visiting” doggy bed. I took ownership of that thing whenever I could. You loved to flop down onto it too. It was pretty funny when you would pounce on it like a cat. I just like to curl up on top of it, but you go, “FLOP!” and follow that up with saying, “Boom!” I think you were pretending to be a dump truck and  make all the noises like it when you fell on the bed. 

Right now I’m giving mama the, “stink eye,” because she’s making too much noise and typing while I am trying to get comfortable on my bed. I’ve moved to the couch now because it’s just not that comfortable on my bed. Well, the couch wasn’t comfortable enough, I jumped down. Now mama put my snuggie on the couch, and I jumped back up. I guess this will do ok for now. I curled up with my back to mama and dada. I need more nap time. I love you baby. Zzz, 


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“Why is the baby playing dada?”

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