Ninety Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Today momma and dad put us into the car for what turned out to be a very, very long car ride. I was particularly concerned at the start, but then I settled into staring at mama in the backseat with you. I later moved onto panting because they turned the sunshine warmth up too much for my liking. I really didn’t see what the huge problem was with the panting because it made me feel better. Mama seemed worried about all the slobbers though. So she remedied it all with a towel between me and the car. I got some snack-y treats when you got treats and then I felt better.

We ended up staying in this place called, “Bend.” I really didn’t understand why it was called, “Bend,” as in, do we bend to get there or what? I was a little surprised by how cold it was outside on my paws. There was even snow stuff falling at one point while I did my business. They had really nice smells there that I took in while you played in the house. Sometimes I would snuggle up on the guest doggy bed and wait until you would come home to hang out. I would dream about you guys and then sniff around, eat some food, and drink my water. I loved it when you came back. You would face plant into the guest doggy bed and giggle. I guess that was a fun time for you and me both. I encouraged you by getting into play position and romping around after each flop you did. I love you baby. 



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“Hello? Anyone in there?”

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