Eighty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Sometimes our routine changes during the day. I think between the two of us I don’t like changes as much as you do. My go to way of processing it is running around in a circle. I get the feelings outside of myself after I run. This particular morning we all had a snack before the walk. I didn’t have the patience to wait for my snack, but I tried! I leaned in and drooled on mama’s lap while you said, “Brea-brea!!!” Aka bread. That was a pretty successful snack beg session until she finished up. Then it was back to racing around until I moved the hallway carpets and got to go to the garage to chill out before our walk. Once I was in the garage I was overjoyed because that is where I wanted to be in the first place.

It all worked out. We had a nice walk and I only jumped two times when I saw other doggies. You talked to your baby stuffed animal monkey for half of the walk about going, “Nigh-nigh,” and gave him hugs and kisses. He’s a pretty loved stuffy toy! I love you baby,



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