Eighty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning we played outside together and it was not as cold as it was yesterday. Your shovel or trowel as mama and dad say, was not frozen with water, we learned that when you splashed the water down. It surprised you and mama and we all laughed. When you checked on your castle or play structure for humans, as I like to call it, you found a tiny moss seedling.

You and mama went on a little moss hunt in the backyard and I waited for you as patiently as I could because I wanted to have warm paws again. I love playing for a while outside, and then I want to get warm and be inside or on our walk! When you poked at the mosses all around the yard you had a fun time discovering all the fuzzy textures. I had never really paid much attention to the fact that moss grows all over the place in the outside land. I just like to romp on it because it is squishy and feels kind of like carpet underneath my paws. Mama said it is time to wake up so we’re going to go get you now and start playing again! Maybe we’ll get to play with the new spiky ball you got for me at the doggy store, but you also think it’s your toy, so we’ll talk about that again. I love you baby,


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“Attack of the baby dog!”

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