Seventy Six Paws

Dear baby brother,

I have a confession to share with you. Sometimes I don’t want to eat my doggy food, so I try to hold out, or wait, and then I try to eat your food, or mama’s or dada’s because, it smells better. I get kind of fussy after I have been sick, when it comes to food. I just don’t really want to eat for a while, and then when I do want to eat, I don’t want to eat the same thing that I got sick-y from, you know what I mean? Well, I think you might know what I mean when you get older.

Mama and Dada told me that when I was a puppy I had a sickness called, parvo. They said I was so sick that the veterinarians told them they weren’t sure if I would survive! I did though, so I’m a wonder dog. When I get tummy sick like I did the other day, it worries mama because it reminds her of when I was really small and sick a lot as a puppy. But, none-the-less, here I am! I love spending our mornings together playing outside, going on a walk, and digging around in the backyard together. We re-buried holes that the squirrels dug up in our flower boxes and pots with the tulip bulbs. Those squirrels are always digging where they don’t belong!

See you in our dream baby!


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Making plans and playing hard.

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