Seventy Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Do you ever cross your paws and feel really relaxed while laying down? That’s how I like to start my naps. I usually curl up on the couch, think of things like running in the sand in summer, and then I begin to drift off to sleep. I often wake up and realize that I am all curled up in a ball, or all my legs and paws are criss crossed cozy like. It makes me feel safe to curl up all snug on a soft place. Most of all when I wake up I like to see you, mama or dada near me. Then I know my pack is close by and that we’re all doing well. It’s my job to take care of our family and so I work hard to see that we are together in one place.

Sometimes the big humans go to another part of the house and then I need to follow them to make sure that they’re near me so I can protect them. It’s easier if they stay with me near the couch, or on the couch for that matter, but that they keep their paws on their cushions instead of mine. I know it’s important to share, but I’m not fond of sharing my sleepy space with them unless they act as a pillow, in that case, we’ve got a deal and I’ll be snoozing in no time. Speaking of snoozing, that’s what I plan to do now. I turned around on the couch and burrowed into the blankets. Night night. 


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When the baby snoozes, Kimmy snoozes.

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