Seventy Five Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning started off alright, and then we had a few bumps in the road, and things got back on track. I slept in my bed all night long in momma and dada’s room. Most evenings I like to venture downstairs and sleep somewhere cozy like the couch or love seat, but for some reason last night I just wanted to be with the family. I was tired too, so I slept until mama got up and then I smelled peanut butters downstairs so I ran downstairs. When we went outside for our morning romp and potty break for me, I didn’t want to run around or go potty. We spent a while outside and then I raced around and around, I made myself sick so I upchucked all of my breakfast. That didn’t feel so good. Mama wiped my paws and gave me water, I napped, and then had some foods. After that I felt much better, but there is something about starting your day off with a yucky feeling that makes it hard to get past. BUT, we took a walk and I forgot all my worries.

I love it when we take a walk because we get our exercise, smells, and visit all the neighborhood animals. You helped point out the direction to walk today. You pointed out each way and we walked our normal route, but backwards! At first I was quite confused, but then I realized we were just going the opposite so I felt ok about it. I like to know what is happening, I’m a routine hound dog-lab and I like to be in charge, even though I know you and mama are mostly in charge. 

Nap time! 



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