Two Hundred and Ninety Eight Paws

Dearest Brothers,

Today is the start of the weekend. You’re both snoozing, and quite frankly, so am I. I curled up on the corner of mama and daddy’s bed so that I could be cozy. We had a full and busy morning from 6am until almost noon. That’s a long time for a doggy kiddos. Y’all came downstairs and I wasn’t even awake yet. I’m not sure why you rise so early LDB, but I am pleased when you give me a morning cuddle to greet me. You have a really sweet heart, and I know that you love to be close to me.

I did find it quite amusing the other day when you said, “I’m giving you some privacy Kimmy,”  Then you proceeded to climb up on top of me and cuddle.  I would like to state for the record that, privacy is the opposite of that, you’re not supposed to climb on top of me ‘lil bro. Tomorrow is something called, “Halloween,” although I recognize the sound of the word, I’m not sure what it means. I do know that the oddest things have been popping up in our neighbors yard, and that you, mama, daddy, and baby have a matching Winnie the Pooh thing happening on mama’s dresser. You like to talk about it a lot, and you got these giant squashes that are on the porch. Maybe you’re going to do something with them? You’ll let me know, I’m pretty sure. I gotta go sleep, <yawn>, I’m still so exhausted from this morning’s shenanigans. 



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Snowy boop.

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