Four Hundred and Forty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there sweet and busy ones! I noticed that you were all gone last night and admittedly, I missed you. Sometimes I wonder where my family goes, but most of the time I can use my detective skills and decipher where you all went. Take for instance the smells I got from yourContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Eight Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello! It is I, Kimmy the great sister dog writing to let you both know about how great you both are. LDB, thanks for giving me loves and sitting on the couch with me, I appreciate the cuddles and chat time. IRB, thanks for finding me when I hide in your bedroom behindContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Seven Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, It’s nap time. It’s quiet in the house right now. I’m digging this feeling of peacefulness while I lay on momma and daddy’s bed. Ahhh, the luxury of silence. Whoever coined the term, “Silence is golden,” knew what it was like to live with two toddlers who are amazing and exhausting for thisContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Six Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Five Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi buddy! “Hahaha,” I am still chuckling from last night’s dreidel extravaganza. You’re such a silly dog Kimmy. It’s one of the many reasons why I love you so much. You can always make me laugh and feel happy inside. Mama and I were sitting on the floor playing, “spin the dreidel,” andContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Five Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Four Paws

Dear Little Brothers, Hello! It is I, Kimmy, your faithful pal and big sister. We’ve been gearing up for winter for what feels like a while now. The outside garden beds have been tilled, the hoses have been hung, the walk way has been swept, and the leaves have been recycled. The air smells aContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Four Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Three Paws

Dear LDB, Hello there toddler. You’re in a serious throws of life called, “I want to do it myself, until I don’t want to do it myself.” I wish I could help you sometimes, but alas, I do not have opposable thumbs and I can’t always be there to help you. Occasionally I give youContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Three Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Two Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi doggy! Guess what? I can stand really well now when I hold onto you. Thanks for always being my support system, even when I didn’t realize I needed one. You’re here for me and I am so grateful for you. Sometimes we share, “What are you grateful for today?” We share whenContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Two Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear Little Brothers, Hello. It is I Kimmy, back for another installment of, “What is Kimmy thinking today?” Well, what’s on my mind is: rest time. I must nap frequently these days, my little brothers take it out of me! You see, we all woke up much too early today with the rumble-rumble of theContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty One Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear World, Hello, it is I Kimmy dog, aka, Eeyore, aka, I’m a little bit confused. I represent a lot of things to members of our family, but most of all, I am a well-loved dog representative. I’m not sure why I am called, “Eeyore,” but I love that brother gives me attention. I heardContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty One Paws”

Four Hundred and Forty Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hello there my little Eeyore. I renamed all of our family members so that we have the same names as the characters in, “Winnie the Pooh.” I of course am Winnie the Pooh, IRB is Piglet, Mama is Rabbit, because she likes to be in charge of things, and daddy is Tigger becauseContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty Paws”