Four Hundred and Forty Three Paws

Dear LDB,

Hello there toddler. You’re in a serious throws of life called, “I want to do it myself, until I don’t want to do it myself.” I wish I could help you sometimes, but alas, I do not have opposable thumbs and I can’t always be there to help you. Occasionally I give you a little bit of herding help and scoot you up the stairs or out of the way when you’re needing some support in that way; but normally, I just give you space. I like to have my space and relax as well.

Take this moment for instance, I am relaxing on the parent’s bed and enjoying some peace and quiet during nap time. I enjoy the nap time immensely, as we have previously noted. Life’s better when we’ve all napped and relaxed. Mama says that it helps our brains and body to feel better. I couldn’t agree more. When I was a small pup I would just flop over wherever I landed and take a nap. I liked to curl up too, especially on someone’s toesies. I also like to lean into mama or daddy’s legs. I feel a sense of reassurance when I am touching someone, but in my own way that I am comfortable with. Do you know what I mean little dude? I think that you do.



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“Getting my makeup done by my brother today.”

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