Four Hundred and Forty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello there sweet and busy ones! I noticed that you were all gone last night and admittedly, I missed you. Sometimes I wonder where my family goes, but most of the time I can use my detective skills and decipher where you all went. Take for instance the smells I got from your jackets last night, Daisy, my cousin dog friend, and Stanzi dog smells. So, knowing those two puppers, I knew you were with our family and I also smelled lots of grass and water so perhaps y’all were at a park?

IRB was talking about water and I think that LDB said something about a birthday. So you must have had a birthday party outside by the water and played in the grass! Am I correct? Mama… what do you say? Maybe next time it could be a dog and human party, eh?



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The couch stare down.

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