Four Hundred and Forty Four Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Hello! It is I, Kimmy, your faithful pal and big sister. We’ve been gearing up for winter for what feels like a while now. The outside garden beds have been tilled, the hoses have been hung, the walk way has been swept, and the leaves have been recycled. The air smells a bit different now too, I get a little tingle in my nostrils when I walk around first thing in the morning before the sunshine has peeked her head out.

Mama says that winter is coming soon. I also recognized some interesting human objects up on the counter top. Do you know what a menorah is? We lit the first lights of the season last night! I also find the dreidels that you were both playing with to be quite funny. I like to try and get near the toys, but you all seemed really intent on letting them stay put, and spin. Aren’t toys meant for picking up and shaking? I know that you agree with me on this IRB. You’re really good at shaking things too! Speaking of shaking things, I wonder what you’re going to get as a Hannukah present tonight? Maybe it’ll be something we can work on together? How does that sound? Wanna share with me? If not, that’s ok, but I would really appreciate a nibble of latke and sufganiyot doughnut please!



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Hannukah paws.

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