One Hundred and Ninety Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Today I feel extra happy. I think the peanut butter snacks with hidden medicine that mama and dada gave me are helping. I know that I went to the vet for a reason and I think the humans helped me. It could also be all the vitamin D I am getting right now. That’s not too bad either. I love the SUNSHINE! When we went on our morning romp/walk we had so much sunshine and you said, “YAY,” when you could feel the breeze on your face and watch the wind blowing through the tree branches.

I received so many smell currents, on our walk, that I had to stop a few times to take them all in. They filled up my nose cavities and I got overwhelmed! When we got home we went out back and had a ball running session around the yard. I got super jazzed up and I had to spring free!  I think my racing run scared you a little bit. Sometimes I feel like a cannon ball that goes shooting out and just has to keep it up until my muscles slow me down. It’s the best feeling to shoot around the yard and feel free! You race really well too now lil’ dude. Your legs carry you while you run and you’re learning how to hop. I’m not into hopping unless it is into a certain spot. Then I use both my front legs together and next my back legs together in order to move to where I want to go. Life’s just better in the sunshine and summer time! Can we agree to that? I love you little brother. 



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