One Hundred and Ninety Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Both yesterday and today I was so excited to be outside that I smiled as we ran around together. It brings me a lot of joy to play out in the sunshine with you. We ran and ran and ran around and then we weeded the flower bed with mama. After that you adventured with mama up the road with your bicycle for a ride. At the end of the road you saw our Uncle Tom. I could smell him when he came in the garage to help dada build the giant shelf on the ceiling. It was hard for me not to run outside and visit with him, but I tried to be calm and wait in the house. He’s one of my favorite humans you see.

When you came around and were born, Mama and Dada had me stay with Uncle Tom and Auntie Allison and their girls. They have my best friend Daisy dog at their house. They all smell a little bit of Daisy so it makes me feel happy inside to smell her. She’s a good friend. When I was a small puppy I loved to jump on her, chew on her ears, and rough-house with her all day long. I didn’t know how to stop and take a rest until I was so exhausted that I would just lay down wherever I flopped. She put up with my shenanigans for a long time, and then one day after a visit to the vet I didn’t feel like being as crazy playful as I had been. Don’t get me wrong I still love to play and romp around, but it comes and goes with the action of the day. You and I are both napping because our morning was super busy. I love you buddy!



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Time to slide, and some side eye business.

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