One Hundred and Seventy Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi little guy. We had a pretty busy morning together. We played in the back yard for a while. You like to say the word play, but in your own way now. You say, “P-ay,” and then you run around and around, dig, scoop, climb, slide, and move about. I had a great time romping around while momma tried to get me to do my business. You helped encourage me by saying, “Kimmy, poop!” every so often when you’d run by me.

I know that we were out there for me to do my business and for you to play, but I like to prolong the experience of fun for as long as I can. When I’m good and ready I do what I’m supposed to, but not a minute before. I think it’s just something deep inside of me that needs to have a little bit of freedom to make choices. I’m a lot like a hound dog in that way. I may be part labrador, but I am a plott-hound dog too!

The same goes for when I hook into a specific scent on our walks. I find something that really intrigues me and then I will just lock onto it for dear life. That happened on our walk today while you were booping the leaves and flowers of this bush we visit each day. I like to try and get deep down into the bush and henceforth, pull the adult human along the way with me. It’s a method that is tried and true, it works most of the time for me. Then I go about the rest of our walk like we were doing before. We enjoyed a bit of sunshine and summertime like weather before the end of our walk. Just before we went to bed last night we took another walk and it was so nice outside that my paws were actually a tiny bit warm as they padded along the pavement. I liked that warm feeling. It reminded me of summertime! I love you buddy.



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This is how we water the plants Kimmy.

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