One Hundred and Sixty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Hello my dear little human friend. Today, I am sad to report that we are back to the rainy days of Oregon, I don’t approve. Nope, nada, not having it, so I required to have my paws and body wiped down so that I could be nice and dry before going back outside for a walk. High maintenance, I know, but what can I say? I know what I like. And I like what I know, that’s a dog’s natural order of things.

We took a walk even though the wetness was pouring down. Mama and I got quite wet, but we managed a nice walk and spotted many pretty things growing, squirrels running, and birds swooping around us. Occasionally I have to keep things in check, like the other dogs on the usual route, I give them a woof or a leap now to show that I’m still in charge. You find this quite hilarious and live up the moment with some, “Woof, woofs,” in unison with mine. Thanks for backing me up buddy!

One of the neighbors on our route with two dogs suggested to mama that she bring along a can with rocks and a taped spout to shake when I bark to deter me from it. But little did she realize I was listening, so why then, I ask, would I be afraid of it? I heard you human. Silly, humans, I know many things. I do not always recognize the sounds of the noises that I hear, but I can acknowledge them much faster and stronger than humans because of my super radar dog sensibilities. Thanks for indulging me in this narrative. I love you baby. Have a good nap.



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Purple hazy Kimmy with her iris blooms.

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