One Hundred and Fifty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

The sun has left us. I’m not sure where this layer of gray blanket clouds came from, but I’m already missing the sunshines. I didn’t feel like getting up this morning. So I went from my bed, to stretching, to a quick potty with mama, and then back to a bed. Mama had to gently drag me off the bed to even get me downstairs for the morning breakfast. I would have eaten my food on the bed, had she brought it to me, but listen baby, that doesn’t happen unless you’re a tiny human and you do the milks. Then it’s just milks all day long on the bed and naps. Well, I guess I’m awake now.

We took a walk with the dada and mama did the downward doggy upstairs. I’m helpful with your play time. I follow you around from space or spot to spot, I boop your toys and check to make sure that you’re making safe choices. You’ve been into this new game of, “Throw the balls, everywhere!” I’m not quite sure where to go when you’re playing this game, so I often times opt for underneath the table or a chair. That way, my head is covered… I find the safest spot for my doggy self. That game lasts only so long, then you dump all the balls out of the container, if you were throwing them into one, and then we move onto another game like, move all the trucks to the window sill or the couch, or in front of a door and line them up. Sometimes we do the painting, art time, puzzles, build a fort, play on my bed, or launch ourselves on and off the couch. I like when we take naps or cuddle with blankets and books. But, you’re a busy kid, so I have to keep up with you. I love you baby.

xo, Kimmy!

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