One Hundred and Fifty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Guess what?! THE SUNSHINE HAS RETURNED. I loved the sunshine so much that I stood and just sniffed, basking in the light on the back patio. It brought me a lot of puppy dog joy to feel the sun’s rays on my back. You and mama were very busy doing the grass weed pulling business by the flower box. I’m not sure why you all do that, but I come and check in every few minutes, nose mama, step in between where you and she are working and then I go about my doggy business.

We even took an adventure ride in the car to mail a letter at the post office. I’m used to this trip by now and I know to just sit, relax, and rest my head on the back part of the car to soak up what sunshine I can as we drive through space and time. You talked to me, looked around, and gave your Nala lion some hugs. I enjoyed being with you and mama because then I can keep my eyes on you two and know that you’re safe and sound. We talked with a friend through the loud speaker thing in the car, I’m not sure where the voice comes from, but it comes through loud and clear!  I didn’t fee like going upstairs for the nap time with you because the sun was shining in through the family room and I needed more time to relax with my sunny friend. See you in our nap dream. I love you baby! 



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