One Hundred and Twenty Three Paws

Dear Leo, 

Today, the sunshine came out. I got to soak up the sun’s rays and it felt really great. I missed laying in the sunshine and napping. When I feel all warm and cozy I drift off to sleep that much quicker. I definitely enjoyed what came along this day, because, as I have discussed with you before, the sunshine is not a definite thing in this Oregon weather. You moved a bunch of garden soil around with what the mama calls a trowel. You’re really good at scooping and flinging the dirt into the air.

Sometimes, if I get too close to you when you’re in what I will call, “dig and fling,” mode, than I will have some dirt land on my nose or my ears. When that happens I shake my head around and romp about a little bit. That usually takes care of the problem, but you never can tell because later on mama or dada will wipe down my legs, paws, fur and rub all the dirt away with a towel. Occasionally you try to give them a hand with this, but I will walk away when you do that because I know it will turn into a, “Pull Kimmy’s legs,” game and I’m not into that business baby. Anyway, I have digressed. There’s a good word for your vocabulary bank. It means: to have gone off topic. I love you baby.



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Cheese with the buddy. ❤

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