One Hundred and Twenty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

There are some days when I just need to curl up and take a nice, long, snooze. Today is one of those days. Mama tried to get me up before your nap so that we could all go upstairs for the nap together. I wasn’t having it though. So I attempted to jump back up onto the couch, she helped me down again. So I gave a really big sigh and romped up the stairs. You tried to catch me, but I was still too quick and I leaped up the stairs.

I know that I help you get to and from places because you need a buddy with you. I understand that now, but when you first started all the crawling and then pulling yourself up business I was quite concerned about where and what you were doing. I still go back to those moments now and then, and that is why I nose you or as mama and dada say, “Goose you,” with my puppy nose to let you know x, y, or z, might not be a great choice. I’m curled up on mama’s side of the bed and enjoying a nice long snooze. I hope to see you in our dream. I was thinking we could play, wait for it, “BALL!” I know how much you love playing with those bouncy objects. Me too baby, me too!



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“Wait a minute, let me grab my ring toy!”

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