One Hundred and Twenty One Paws

Dear Leo,

Last night I helped dada with the night time stories in your room. I was a stealthy curled up sleeping doggy. I have a special corner of your room that I like to settle into, or sometimes I like to squeeze myself between the rocking chair and the big blue cushion chair. Either spot is perfectly fine for my doggy self. I listen to the stories, the songs, and then I usually leave the room but nobody told me to leave, so I stayed.

Then, later, dada was looking for me. He looked in all of the bedrooms, in all of my special spots, and then he said to mama, “Do you know where Kimmy is?” I could hear them puttering around, and whisper calling my name like, “Kiiiiiiiiiiiiimyyyyyy.” But, all the while I stayed curled up in my spot in your room because you see, I was on sleep duty. I guess they didn’t realize that if I was in your room for the night time sleeps, than it was my job to make sure you had good dreams and so I thought it was time to go night-night together. When we do that, I know that you’ll have good dreamies with me about balls, and grass, and bananas, and play time.

Mama finally came in, and I looked up with big eyes as if to say, “Yessss mama, what is it?” She came in and gave me a pet and helped me get up and leave your bedroom. I did not understand why I had to leave considering the fact that I had just begun to drift off to sleep. Big humans, they just don’t understand our needs lil’ guy. I love you. I hope you’re having a good nap now. All this talk of sleeping is making me extra tired. See you soon,



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Checking my left side here folks.

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