One Hundred and Twenty Paws

Dear Leo,

You are one funny baby. This morning you enjoyed playing around, digging, and scooping muddy water and just plain mud all around the yard. Then you came up with this game to throw the bouncy green ball into the muddy water again and again to see how hard it would bounce. You seemed to enjoy that for the most part. I was not so sure what you were doing, so I decided to investigate. I jumped back when I realized it had to do with water because I did not want to get all wet.

I love to play, in the mud too, but not in the muddy water necessarily. Sometimes a dog just doesn’t want to get wet ok? I love that you have this extra layer of fur on when we go outside in the rain. Mama calls it your froggy suit. You look like a giant froggy because there are silly googl-y eyes on the top of your baby hood and it snaps up the front with a zipper too. You stay nice and dry. I don’t know if you realize this though, I am not nice and dry and so that’s why I steer clear of the mud hole in the yard. I always race around it! I’m super fast at this, sometimes I even launch myself over it. 

I love you baby, 



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