One Hundred and Twenty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Do you know what my favorite thing about the weekend is? Our walk with dada and all our family time. I love when the whole pack is together. Do you know what the word pack means to a doggy? Well, in short it is the group to which a dog belongs. Our family is my pack, or I should say our pack. I feel my most content when we are all together in our home. I like to be near the momma, dada, and you.

So, for instance, when you nap, sometimes I will choose the landing on the stairs to sleep at, or on the momma and dada bed because it’s half way between you and them. Mostly I just truly enjoy my time with us playing, reading the books, exploring the outside and having good doggy times together.

Although, each weekend morning the mama goes somewhere or sometimes upstairs for a while and you and I try to get back to her. I know that you like us all to be togethers too, because you say, “Mamaaaaaaaaa,” and then I go on the hunt to find her with my nose. Then the dada goes and does the run thing outside and we say, “Bye-bye.” Often times, the dada is gone for a long, long time because he’s like a wolf dog and does a lot of miles like a wild doggy does when they are in search of new territories. I like to be a home body doggy. Don’t get me wrong, our walks, and explorations outside are one of my favorites, but I like to be with the pack as I said. Alrighty, I think that’s enough of a doggy dog lesson for now baby. I love you. 



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I smooshed myself into a spot on the couch between the cushion and the mama. I feel more content with life this way.

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