One Hundred and Sixteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we had a nice, wait for it, dry, NO RAIN: walk! I loved it. You brought along two stuffed squirrel toys and cuddled them on the walk. We had a really nice time cruising along on our route. It was odd though, we didn’t see any other doggies out and about. Not even the husky dog that hangs out in the front or back yard down the street. I always get so excited to see it that I jump, talk, and try to pull us all closer so that we can have a little play time with it. Momma doesn’t go for it though. And now, come to think of it, neither does dada. That’s ok though. You and I are always excited to see the doggy friends in the neighborhood.

You think it’s hilarious when I talk to other doggies and you join in chatting too! You say, “Woof, woof, woof!” The other dogs don’t realize that you speak doggy and so they get very confused about who said what. It’s almost like a game that we came up with together. I love that you have embraced dog language. Thanks baby. I love you, 


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