One Hundred and Fifteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today was the day. We finally got the sunshine we all needed this morning. It was so dry in fact, that our backyard puddles are no more! I was ecstatic that it wasn’t raining. We raced around and around and around. We did poo detail together and with the mama of course. We got to take a walk in the neighborhood and no one had to be towel dried off afterwards. It was an exciting day indeed! 

Did you know that the sunshine is one of my most favorite things in life, besides our family times? I just love how warm and safe it makes me feel inside. When I was a puppy I lived in another place that the parents call, “California.” I think that’s why I love the sunshine so much. I remember being outside with my puppy sisters and running around in the dirt a lot. Then we were all put into a space together and put on the side of a very scary and noisy road. That’s why I get startled when it is super dark and there is traffic outside. I don’t like to walk when it’s dark and there are scary noises. Especially if I have all of the family with me because I worry about you all and it’s my job to take care of you. So that’s why we do our walk in the morning or daytime light. I like that the best, especially, as you know if there is sunshine accompanying us. 

I love you baby, 

xo, Kimmy

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“Wait, momma are we taking a picture? Where do I look?!” ~Kimmy

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