One Hundred and Seventeen Paws

Dear Leo,

We had such nice walks this weekend with the dada. I love that both our big human parents take us on walks in the morning time. It’s one of my favorite things in this life: to be outside, exploring, and taking care of you. You love to point things out and lead the way, but really I lead the way, all dogs do. It’s our duty to lead and take charge of the family, or at least, that’s what I think anyway.

Mama always goes and does some kind of doggy yoga on a mat and we take some time outside. Then the mama and dada switch and the mama takes us outside to play and the dada goes on a really, really, really long solo run. I used to go on the the runs, but I don’t like leaving you very much, so I prefer to stay at home. Jogging around the neighborhood is fine, but I put the puppy paw breaks on when we leave the familiar smells. I get worried that I don’t know the route, so I would rather be where my paws can lead. You don’t seem to mind too much though either. You always call for me and giggle when I run up to you. You’re the best puppy pal. I love you,

xo, Kimmy

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