One Hundred and Eleven Paws

Dear Leo,

Today, guess what? The rain is back. However, it was really pretty outside in the morning. Thankfully we had some fun playtime in the sunshine while our backyard was filled with light. I loved sniffing the blue sky and watching the planes go by, while you say, “Je-t!”

After that we had a nice walk in our neighborhood and you held my leash some of the time. Mama holds the leash too, but you like to feel like you’re helping and kind of in charge in some way. I get that. But in all honesty, I’m the one in charge baby. I lead the way, and guard against the dangers of squirrels and other woodland creatures. We have a grand time working together through our walks. I love to pull just a little bit to keep the pace moving along. Sometimes we see other doggies on walks too. I like to greet them with a full jump, but mama’s not to fond of that idea. Come to think of if, I don’t think dada or the grandparents are too fond of my leaping abilities either. None the less, I do it anyway because it’s the friendliest choice I have! You completely understand me and love my jumps!  I love you lil’ buddy!

xo, Kimmy

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CEMENT TRUCK SITING! Kimmy was thrilled, clearly.

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