One Hundred and Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi baby! Today I discovered how fun your blanket fort really is. You always crawl in there and say, “Nigh-nigh,” or play, read books, the list could go on and on. You moved all of the pillows out and I was able to crawl in when you and the big humans were eating dinner. I realized, it’s actually pretty cozy in there. I like that I was covered with a blanket and in a small tight space of my own. After dinner you came running over to me though and the magical moment had passed. We had fun for a while in the fort. You crawled on top of me, trying to sit on me, but there wasn’t enough room for you to sit on my like a horse and bounce. You really enjoy doing that, I allow it for a few seconds, and then I let you slide off of me and I move spots. I’m not so much into pretending to be a horsey. Mama and dada aren’t into that game either, which I appreciate. We work on playing together in a different way so that one day you won’t pretend I’m a horsey, but until then, I’m your faithful steed. I love you!



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“The house is this way mama!”

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