One Hundred and Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

I just remembered our drive to the post office box yesterday. I rode in the backseat next to you while you played with a thing that had a button. Mom called it a flashing light, but you kept signing to me that there was no light, “all done,” and “light.” I can’t sign like the humans baby. I just lick your face and ears for reassurance that I see and hear you. We all need to be seen and heard sometimes. That’s why I climb onto momma and dada’s laps. I need some reassurance that I’m still their loved doggy.

Anyway, by the time we got to the post office box, I was so excited to get out of the car, but alas, we didn’t get out of the car. So I took in some smells while momma had the window rolled down. Then dada’s voice came from somewhere in the car and boomed over our heads. It was a very confusing experience. You said, “Hi, hi, hi, dada,” but I wasn’t so sure where dada actually was. Then I didn’t hear him anymore. So I decided to look out the back window by resting my head on the shelf behind our head rests. It’s a perfect spot for a taller doggy like myself. I quite enjoyed it! You think most things I choose to do are quite funny. And, that head resting spot was no exception. You said, “Ah-iii-aaa,” and laughed. I love you baby.



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“Ready for the ball baby, any time!”

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