Ninety Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it rained. I feel like I already said this yesterday. Well, it has been raining more and more if that is even possible. We all took a ride in the car this morning, which I might add, you were absolutely thrilled about! I wasn’t particularly excited once we got going, but I settled into the seat and got some great smells out of the window.

On our way back from, “Operation mail letters,” as mama said, I recognized our neighborhood smells. You couldn’t stop giggling with mama because I was excited to be on our street and surfing the waves of smells in the backseat of the car. You laughed and laughed and I sniffed and sniffed. Life as a puppy and a baby is pretty good, if you ask me. Even, when it rains outside. I love you baby pup. 



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“Momma, the baby looks like a giant froggy… I am concerned.”

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