Ninety Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it rained. A lot. In fact, it’s still raining as momma types this for me. Sometimes I wonder how it could rain this much, but it does. We still had fun playing outside and then had a shorter walk together. I wasn’t too pleased about all the rain so I didn’t mind that our walk was cut short because it was pouring. Momma and I weren’t having much fun getting soaked, but you were happy as a clam in the stroller with the shiny cover on you and snuggling your monkey stuffed friend.

Although, now come to think of it, you had quite a bit to say about your feelings with the rain, the route, and the turning around. I just kept shaking off because my ears were getting to that drippy stage and I don’t like that, at all. One thing is for sure, I am dry, I am warm, and I am happy to be inside on my couch bed right now dreaming with you. I love you lil guy.



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I tuck my nose into bed each night.

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