Ninety Two Paws

Dear baby,

We need to talk. You have taken up the habit of, “playing,” with me by grabbing my paws or legs. I have something to say about this: I am not into it.

Mama and dada say, “Stop, or looks like you want to play with Kimmy?” Mama and dada are good at showing you how to give me pets or hugs instead. Most of the time you stop the pulling, but then you’ll try be on the sly and do it again and I get really jazzed up about it. So in turn, I jump around, and then invariably run around the room like a crazy doggy. This makes you laugh really hard and try to run after me. Then all chaos breaks loose and we’re racing around together over and over again, until one of us flops.

Now, admittedly, I don’t mind the game called, “Chase Kimmy dog around,” but I’d prefer that you don’t grab my paws anymore baby. Does that sound ok to you? You only have two legs so I don’t think it would be fair to grab one of your legs in return, and I have four legs. Let’s work on not grabbing, but maybe instead, throw a toy for me? I love you regardless. Your pal for life, 


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“Did someone say the sunshine is coming back?”

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