Ninety One Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning we had a fun time romping about in our back yard while a very loud dump truck moved things in the lot behind our house. You were quite excited about all of the commotion. You asked mama to help you climb up the baby tower again and again so you could peak over the fence and watch the action. I just took my time sniffing for clues and I decided that it was just boring human stuff and nothing to be truly concerned about from a dog’s perspective. I kept running to the back door hoping that we would go on our walk as soon as possible.

Finally we headed back into the house! We had a nice time on our walk. You brought along a book that had fun things to touch, scratch, stick, and poke. You dropped it only one time, shared your feelings about not having it back, and then held it for almost the entire rest of the way home. Mama and I were proud of you. You also helped walk me by holding my leash while mama still held it from above. You do a nice job of not pulling me and also calling me to stay close by your stroller. Sometimes you have to give the leash back to mama when another doggy walks by us, but most of the time you walk the block and a half back while holding onto my leash. By the way, leashes, for the most part, are really for the humans. Did you know that? They might get lost if they didn’t have a leash to guide them, so that’s why us dogs wear the leashes baby. I saw a baby on a leash once, that was kind of funny, but like I said, humans get lost without them, so I can understand why a small human would be wearing one. I love you.



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Oh what glee to run and be free!

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