Eighty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi baby! This morning we were rough house playing and you were super wound up, as mama and dada say. All of a sudden we were playing and then you were crying, I think you got bumped when you were crawling around on the floor and I bumped into you, accidentally. You sat in mama’s lap for a while and I gave you licks and then laid down in my bed because I wasn’t sure about what I was supposed to do. You recovered with a book about a giant red dog, and then we went back to play time.

I get super excited and happy when you start running around. So naturally I want to run around with you too! Mama says that I am a big doggy and that I don’t always know my own strength, whatever that means. I just do a lot of bumps into people in general. Most of the time it is intentional so that they’ll snuggle up with me, but other times I’m just walking here everybody! I’m groaning at mama now because she’s writing all of this down. I think I better go and edit it with her. I love you baby. 

xo, Kimmy

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“Are you photographing us momma?”

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