Eighty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we had a quiet walk around our neighborhood. You held onto your special tiger stuffed animal almost all the way home. As we walked down the last block toward home you started talking about something and mama stopped, luckily we realized that you had dropped your tiger friend Tai!

Fun fact for you baby: Did you know that Tai was actually daddy’s stuffed animal? He has realistic eyes kind of like my eyes if you look closely. You snuggled, examined and talked to him all the way home after his rescue. You seem to really love holding a friend close to you when you travel in the stroller or car now. I like that you get much more snuggly as you get older. You snuggle with me, which I love, until you touch my paws. I have feelings about paw touching for a number of reasons even though dada and mama would play with my paws when I was a tiny pup. I just prefer to be in charge of where my paws land. Kind of like how you prefer to be in charge of where you put your body and when.

For instance this morning you climbed up and down the stairs by yourself. You kept saying, “Baby, heheehehe, yay!” I waited for you on the landing and you plopped down one stair at a time and mama did too because she was making sure you wouldn’t flop down more than one at a time. It was all fun and games until you turned back around to go do it again and got picked up because it was time to go to your baby library class. Then we all heard your feelings and thoughts about that. So, as I was saying baby, don’t touch the paws. I like the cuddles. I like the snuggles. We’ll keep it at that. 



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“Hold still buddy!”

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