Eighty Paws

Dear Baby,

Today was holiday, or at least that’s what I heard repeated throughout the day. The humans love to make lots of foods on this day. They often hang out in the kitchen, it gets really warm and cozy in the house and everything smells delicious. I like to be near their ankles in case something spills. Mama and dad brought some kind of cloth stuff downstairs in the giant laundry basket and you absolutely loved it. The laundry basket, that is. While we were setting the table, you moved into the basket baby. You pushed it around, you got into it and mama pushed you around, you put all your stuffed babies into it and pushed them around. It was quite fun for some time. I’m not so into the pushing around of things, but you are. You adore moving things back and forth, all around, and playing your pretend imaginations in your smart head. Sometimes you try to race me back and forth with the object of choice, occasionally I play along, but when there is food involved. I don’t wanna play. Especially if the food is chicken, for me! So I focused on the chicken that mama had made just for me. You see, the humans don’t eat the things that walk, fly, or cry on land. But I do! Lucky Kimmy, that’s me!

We had both sets of grandparents over to visit. I hung out upstairs for a while, after having my special chicken dinner. When I came downstairs I was pretty jazzed up. You help me get even more excited. We raced around and around and then I bumped into you. The momma yelled stop, so I stopped, but I needed to just go do the business outside, which I did, really fast, and then I was calm. Sometimes a dog just can’t contain herself.

I love you,


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“After you Kimmy!”

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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