Seventy Two Paws

Dear LDB,

Well, it’s been a day since I wrote to you. Momma had to go to the place that smells like glue and little people. Grammie was here with us, while I took care of you. She did a great job following my lead, because I know our routine so well. Occasionally the humans think I need help taking care of you, while I think is silly, but I let them do their thing.

One of my favorite activities to do in the house is run around and get you all jazzed up so that you’ll run around with me too. We did that when Momma came home. It was so much fun. But then, I was banished outside in the cold sunshine for a little bit because I wouldn’t “calm down.” Parents. Seriously, they always think they know best. The saying goes, “Doggy knows best,” you’d think they would know that by now. I love you buddy.



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“Watching the old year paws me by like, yeah, 2019, thank you, next!”

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