Seventy One Paws

Dear Leo,

I’ve fallen back asleep while I write this to you, via our momma. She got up super early this morning and had the nerve to turn on the lamps in my sleeping space. I gave her the stink eye but I couldn’t hold it for too long because she gave me good morning kisses and I love the attentions I get, so I just gave a really loud sigh and relaxed back into sleep. You had some things to say in your dream too. We both like to sleep with our heads smooshed into the cushions while laying on our bellies. 

Yesterday you were going through some feelings and kept trying to hold onto my paws or my tail. The big humans put a stop to that, but we still played. I don’t mind so much because I know that I am super strong and can just move from one side to the other and you’ll flop down onto your tushie. Not that I want you to flop, but just that, it’s an option if need be. Most of the time you act surprised when I do this, which I think is kind of funny because I always do that, once I’ve had enough of your shenanigans that is. You’re a silly baby. I love you, 


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“I’m not amused mama.”

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