Thirty Paws

Dear Leo,

We picked carrots in our garden this morning. You helped mama and dada by holding the metal container, I think it’s called a colander. When we were almost finished picking the carrots you dumped the basket into the dirt. That was fun because then I went to sniff them and get good smells. When we were inside I got to taste the carrot. Sometimes I like to chew a little bit and then spit some out onto the floor because it helps me to smell it better. You picked up what I put on the floor and you handed it back to me. That made me feel really happy, thanks baby. 

I like how we shared bananas and any food really. It makes my day when I get a snack-a-snack too. Sometimes you get upset and don’t want to share with me, but I understand that because if it’s really tasty I don’t like to share either. Usually our human parents make us share though. Mama says, “Sharing is caring,” so that’s why I always give your fingers licks after you are done eating your food. It helps to share the food and I care about you being extra puppy dog clean, so I do that for you!

I love you baby. We’re both going to have a nap now so I’ll meet you there. Dream time!



Walking my humans daily.

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